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    Can You Do a Little More, Can You Do a Little Less?

    What do I mean by that,

    With working on brain health and lifestyle, can we add more whole foods, good fats to our daily diet?
    Can we stretch our body for 5 minutes every morning and every night?
    Can we drink another glass of water in our day?
    Can we get up 10 minutes earlier to have a personal development time?
    Can we exercise one more extra day through the week?


    Can we drink one less coffee a day?
    Can we go with out the sugary snacks for a week?
    Can we stop at one glass of wine on the weekend?
    Can we go to bed at a decent hour each night?
    Can we stop making excuses in our heads as too ‘why not’?

    I think you get the idea. “Can you do a little more, to feel good about you and stay healthy?” and “Can you do a little less of the things that keep you unhealthy?”

    All it takes is 5 minutes a day, CONSISTENTLY to see the benefits in 3 to 6 months.

    Sometimes we are not aware of the gradual changes in ourselves, but when others are noticing and commenting. ” You look great!” “What’s different about you?”  You’ll know you are on the right track.  

    BEST of All, you feel better, your energy is back, you are thinking clearer.

    “What do you need to do a little bit more of?” and “What do you need to do a little less of?”

    I’ve opened up my online schedule if you need guidance, because I can honestly say that there really isn’t anything else available to support the many health challenges women face without completely feeling restrictive or having uncomfortable side effects such as headaches, more inflammation, more joint pain, insomnia, diarrhea, or dizziness.  

    You’ve likely tried a whole bunch of ‘things’ that have barely worked. And the truth is that it takes a toll on you — personally, emotionally and physically.  

    So if you’re ready to get your energy back, get rid of the aches and pains, the bloating and the gas, sleeping better, get rid of that brain fog, balance your hormones and live your life to the fullest, then I’d love to support you.

    Feel Free to Reply to this with Article with something that you need to “Do a little more of or Do a little less of.” 

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    Let’s FACE it.

    It’s one thing to be MOTIVATED to do something.  It’s another to have the ENERGY to complete it.

    For SOME, a Weight Loss program is hard.  Especially when you have to prepare one MEAL for one member of the family and then another MEAL for you…  It SUCKS.
    Or you are EXCITED because the scale shows a 5 lbs weight loss only to go through the HOLIDAY Month and gain it all back, (and some…..)  It is HARDER to TRY and LOSE the Weight Again.  It SUCKS.

    Maybe Weight Loss is not an issue for YOU.  
    Maybe it’s EXERCISING, maybe it‘s getting to SLEEP at a proper time, maybe it’s DRINKING less.  Whatever stops you from MOVING Forward and MAKING Positive Changes, it can be a struggle and at times It Can SUCK.
    Here’s a little Tip for you.  When I want to motivate myself for change.  What I have found helpful along the way is to make smaller daily incremental changes.  Having a shorter timeline and focusing on the end result.

    For example, you wake up TIRED, you feel TIRED all day….. unless you have a coffee or tea, you go to bed TIRED, but you can’t sleep.  Then the cycle continues day to day that you become numb to how you are feeling.  It becomes routine.  It just becomes a part of who you are.

    What’s something you can change?

    A small incremental change that doesn’t require a ton of MOTIVATION.  Going back to the example.  First thing in the morning, reach for a glass of WATER.  Start the day with 3 or 4 glasses of WATER before you eat, before you grab your coffee or tea.  No lemon, no ginger in the water.  Just plain room temperature WATER.
    If you are not a big WATER drinker start with one or two glasses in the AM, then each morning start to build on that.  
    Creating this daily habit, you will start to FEEL more Energy, Clearer Thinking, Less Cravings throughout the day.

    What daily small incremental Changes need to be made so you don’t have to go through your day Feeling Tired?

    This might sound really simple for you.  TRY IT!  See how you feel.

    I have implemented many step by step helpful tips in my MEMORY METHOD Program to help YOU not feel TIRED all the time.  To get your motivation back that will help eliminate the Brain Fog….
    It’s always nice to have someone supporting you along the way.  

    Let’s get you on Track and get Motivated to Start Your Day.

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    Do you remember this slogan?

    Does She or Doesn’t She

    In 1956, Clairol launched an at-home colour wash advertising campaign. Clairol became a household name and women wanted to try this hair dye and keep people guessing.
    Oh man, how far we’ve come. Now it feels so great to have our hair cut and coloured, whether by a salon or at home.  We still want to keep people guessing our age.  Sadly, our hair and skin are not the only thing that give our age away.
    A lot of our AGING is hidden inside and no one notices.  Aging is how we are feeling, (…cloudy thinking, tired, unfocused, bloated and gassy…), or how we are moving (..painful joints, sore muscles…). How we are thinking, listening and learning.
    My philosophy is, it doesn’t matter what AGE YOU ARE, you do not have to experience any of these symptoms.
    Keep reading I may have a solution for you……  
    It was the day after New Year’s.  I was walking my two dogs when I tripped and fell on my right hand.  My hand swelled up like a balloon.  I did not want to go to emergency…(Yes stubborn.) No broken bones.  I could move my fingers, so I figured I was okay.  It took a long time before I could use my hand, open bottles, put any weight on it, even driving was a bit of a challenge…..
    WELL what do you know, two years later I did the same thing, fell on the same hand.  This time I did get x-rays, everything was fine.  AND YES, all the same side effects as last time…….
    Fast forward to today, and on that dominant hand two of my fingers are showing signs of arthritis.  Not a pretty sight.  
    I used to wake up in the morning and my fingers were aching.  I soon learned the cause of why my fingers were aching the next day.  I began trying different foods and supplements.  I figured out a way to slow the progression of the inflammation in my fingers and not wake up with an aching hand.
    Listen, I know that having a few sore fingers does not compare with what aches and pains you may be experiencing. I use the example only to say, depending on what is going on with you there are ways to get some relief, to bring the inflammation down, to minimize the pain.  It’s important to address the inflammation, before it gets worse.
    My goal is to make the next DECADE MATTER without aches and pain.
    What about you?  What’s something you would like to CHANGE to make your next 10 Years MATTER?  
    So…It takes a shift in our thinking. It takes a desire to want to change and sometimes we need help along the way.  
    My last 17 years as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist listening to my clients along with my own personal experiences have led me to putting together a program that helps with brain health, inflammation, hormone balancing, improving sleep patterns and well….just feeling good everyday.
    I only take a certain number of individuals into the program at a time in order to have a more personal experience and to focus on getting results.  Results like eliminating the Brain Fog, Improving Sleep, Improving Digestion, Balance Hormones, and an excitement to start Your day.  
    The program is not for Everyone. I have a few times slots, if you would like to find out if this program is for you.  Check availability HERE with me for a call.
    What daily changes need to be made so you can experience your Best Life at Any Age?
    Sometimes you need the steps or the accountability partner to help you get there and that’s okay.

    Let’s take those those necessary steps and say Life Begins A What Ever Age You Want it to!

    Love Creating Memories Together

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    There are times in our lives when we struggle with sleeplessness or just trying to stay asleep. 

    Insomnia can be temporary, whereas a sleeping disorder can take a while to resolve. These conditions can be very vast with different causes, such as anxiety, stress, bad eating habits, or even allergies.  

    Eating Before Sleeping

    We’ve heard it said, “don’t eat late at night.” and typically we think the reason is potential weight gain. Yes, this is true, but here’s the real reason: the body is always working to be in a homeostasis condition – balanced. When we eat at night, the pancreas works to secrete enzymes to break down food, as well as produces insulin to balance the blood sugar. This whole process can take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours, depending on what was consumed. Once the pancreas is done and blood sugars are level, human growth hormone (HGH) comes on the scene. HGH’s job is to repair the body from the day’s activities.

    Sleeplessness Due to Pain

    Ever wonder why your joints or muscles hurt more when you are trying to sleep? The body will use all the raw material you fed it that day to make your skin, hair, bones, muscles, and tendons for tomorrow.  Once this hormone finishes its task, brain waves should be in the REM stage where melatonin is secreted. This process can take 2 to 3 hours, and then serotonin begins to rise and we wake up feeling refreshed. When we eat at night, the whole process takes longer and melatonin doesn’t have a chance to complete its task. You may not get the deep sleep you desire. If the pattern continues, insomnia will set in. 

    Staying Asleep

    One reason why we don’t stay asleep is blood sugar can drop during the night. To help alleviate this, make sure there is protein at each major meal. Start your morning with protein. For example, a protein shake, oatmeal, egg, ham or cooked chicken. (vegan – tofu or beans). If you start the day with protein, you are less likely to be munching on carbs at night before bed.

    Another reason for waking in the middle of the night, (besides going to the bathroom) is the adrenals. These undernourished, overworked and underappreciated glands need extra support, especially during stressful situations, allergies, diabetes, arthritis, insomnia, low blood pressure and nervousness are some of the symptoms of an overworked adrenal. 

    To resolve the sleeplessness is to get to the root of the problem and go from there. Take some time to evaluate what is going on around you. If it is stress in your life? Can you minimize it? Is it diet? Make some healthy dietary changes. If it’s hormones, let’s get them balanced.  

    If this is something you are struggling with, perhaps get in touch with me and let’s work out a plan for you.

    Mosquitoes in the Meadow
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    Are You Excited About Summer? 

    I can’t imagine anyone who isn’t excited for summer. With summer comes vacations, hanging out at the beach, outdoor BBQ, brunching on the patio and shall I dare to say it, ugh I have to. Yes, those pesky little critters, mosquitoes.

    This article is a little different because we will focus on a healthy lifestyle more than nutrition. 

    For the last three years, my son has been working at a summer kids camp. Before those years, he was a junior leader and a camper. Being out in the woods, especially at sunset, brings on those hungry critters. I want to make sure he is protected from the mosquitoes without harming his health.

    Mosquitoe Repelent

    In my home, using natural bug repellent is very important. Here’s why. A lot of store bought products have a chemical called DEET (N-diethyl-m-toluamide) DEET causes brain cell death and behavioural changes in rats after frequent and prolonged use. This exposure causes neurons to die in regions of the brain that control muscle movement, learning, memory, and concentration. When a child’s brain is still developing I would not want to hinder, cause damage because of exposer to neurotoxins

    I don’t want to take this lightly because having an infected mosquito bite is very serious. It is important to take precautions.

    A Few Helpful Tips Against Mosquitoes: 

    • A long time ago I read that carbolic soap helps repel mosquitoes. 
    • Eating bananas, peanut butter and chocolate attracts mosquitoes.
    • Wear light colour clothing can be repellent.
    • At sunset, even if it’s still hot, wear long sleeves and long pants (get some nice cotton fabrics).
    • Deficiency in certain B vitamins. This is controversial. Taking extra B vitamins is a good thing to do anyway. 

    Do you have some natural remedies that have worked for you? Feel free to share your tips with me. 

    Here is something that I use at home or when we as a family have found ourselves in the great outdoors at sunset. I put together a few drops of citronella, lavender, tea tree essential oils in water in a spray bottle. I don’t just spray us. I’ll spray the ground and chairs around where we are sitting. 

    One last thing, as a Nutritionist and a Registered BIE practitioner, I am not just about diets and meal plans. I’m about balancing your body’s systems and creating a lifestyle that works right for you. Don’t let the aches and pains (or the bugs) stop you from having fun this summer. Click here to get in touch and gather more information. 

    Okay, one more last thing… Get out there and enjoy your summer!