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    Vicky giving a talk

    Virtual Trainings & Workshops

    Vicky is an experienced speaker and workshop leader. She is available for group training both virtually and in person.

    Speaking Topics…

    The Memory Method Program

    Eating to Keep Candida Away

    Super Nourishing Detox

    To Wh(eat ) or Not to Wh(eat)

    Your Brain on Nourishing Foods

    Your Tongue Can Tell You A Lot

    The Memory Method Program 

    This is a step by step plan to create a fresh powerful lifestyle that you will love waking up to everyday.
     It will become healthy habits & not a chore or restrictive dieting / lifestyle.


    What you’re going to get: 
    • Consecutively a good night sleep
    • so you can instantly start improving your decision making and have a sense of confidence during the day.
    • Reduced Carb Cravings
    • This will be invaluable in creating a lifestyle around food, so you can be more active with more energy.
    • Never feel like you’re on your own in this journey.
    • When you join us in our private group, where you will be supported and have ongoing accountability with ongoing feedback and encouragement.
    • You will start receiving comments from others
    • “You look good!” “Are you losing weight?”
    Secrets to a health life

    Nutrition Consultation

    One on One in person or online nutritional guidance and planning.

    Working through personal dietary choices and making healthy alternative that benefit well being. Focusing on root causes.

    Recommend and teach how food and supplements can bring healthy benefits.

    Recognizing foods that are causing inflammation and disorder.

    Meal plans can be available, upon request

    Memory Method Program

    The Memory Method Program

    Is a three-month, online step-by-step program for women who want to boost their cognitive function, have better sleep patterns, and improve their energy.

    Weekly accountability coaching calls with online instructional guidance to support lifestyle changes through diet (eating brain-healthy foods, eliminating bad brain foods), through lifestyle (more movement), and through some lightweight resistance activities (building muscle) to obtain the desired outcome of better sleep, thought patterns, mental acuity and energy in all aspect of life (living).