Let’s FACE it.

    It’s one thing to be MOTIVATED to do something.  It’s another to have the ENERGY to complete it.

    For SOME, a Weight Loss program is hard.  Especially when you have to prepare one MEAL for one member of the family and then another MEAL for you…  It SUCKS.
    Or you are EXCITED because the scale shows a 5 lbs weight loss only to go through the HOLIDAY Month and gain it all back, (and some…..)  It is HARDER to TRY and LOSE the Weight Again.  It SUCKS.

    Maybe Weight Loss is not an issue for YOU.  
    Maybe it’s EXERCISING, maybe it‘s getting to SLEEP at a proper time, maybe it’s DRINKING less.  Whatever stops you from MOVING Forward and MAKING Positive Changes, it can be a struggle and at times It Can SUCK.
    Here’s a little Tip for you.  When I want to motivate myself for change.  What I have found helpful along the way is to make smaller daily incremental changes.  Having a shorter timeline and focusing on the end result.

    For example, you wake up TIRED, you feel TIRED all day….. unless you have a coffee or tea, you go to bed TIRED, but you can’t sleep.  Then the cycle continues day to day that you become numb to how you are feeling.  It becomes routine.  It just becomes a part of who you are.

    What’s something you can change?

    A small incremental change that doesn’t require a ton of MOTIVATION.  Going back to the example.  First thing in the morning, reach for a glass of WATER.  Start the day with 3 or 4 glasses of WATER before you eat, before you grab your coffee or tea.  No lemon, no ginger in the water.  Just plain room temperature WATER.
    If you are not a big WATER drinker start with one or two glasses in the AM, then each morning start to build on that.  
    Creating this daily habit, you will start to FEEL more Energy, Clearer Thinking, Less Cravings throughout the day.

    What daily small incremental Changes need to be made so you don’t have to go through your day Feeling Tired?

    This might sound really simple for you.  TRY IT!  See how you feel.

    I have implemented many step by step helpful tips in my MEMORY METHOD Program to help YOU not feel TIRED all the time.  To get your motivation back that will help eliminate the Brain Fog….
    It’s always nice to have someone supporting you along the way.  

    Let’s get you on Track and get Motivated to Start Your Day.