Nutrition Knowledge For Everyday Life

    Can You Do a Little More, Can You Do a Little Less?

    What do I mean by that, With working on brain health and lifestyle, can we add more whole foods, good fats to our daily diet? Can we stretch our body for 5 minutes every morning and every night? Can we drink another glass of water in our day? Can we get up 10 minutes earlier … Continue reading Can You Do a Little More, Can You Do a Little Less?

    Let’s FACE it.

    It’s one thing to be MOTIVATED to do something.  It’s another to have the ENERGY to complete it. For SOME, a Weight Loss program is hard.  Especially when you have to prepare one MEAL for one member of the family and then another MEAL for you…  It SUCKS.Or you are EXCITED because the scale shows a 5 lbs weight loss … Continue reading Let’s FACE it.

    Do you remember this slogan?

    Does She or Doesn’t She?  In 1956, Clairol launched an at-home colour wash advertising campaign. Clairol became a household name and women wanted to try this hair dye and keep people guessing.Oh man, how far we’ve come. Now it feels so great to have our hair cut and coloured, whether by a salon or at … Continue reading Do you remember this slogan?


    There are times in our lives when we struggle with sleeplessness or just trying to stay asleep.  Insomnia can be temporary, whereas a sleeping disorder can take a while to resolve. These conditions can be very vast with different causes, such as anxiety, stress, bad eating habits, or even allergies.   Eating Before Sleeping We’ve heard … Continue reading Sleeplessness

    Are You Excited About Summer? 

    I can’t imagine anyone who isn’t excited for summer. With summer comes vacations, hanging out at the beach, outdoor BBQ, brunching on the patio and shall I dare to say it, ugh I have to. Yes, those pesky little critters, mosquitoes. This article is a little different because we will focus on a healthy lifestyle … Continue reading Are You Excited About Summer? 

    Move over Vitamin D.

    Lately Vitamin D has been getting a lot of media time. Though it is true that vitamin D is very important for bone health during these dark and cold winter months “vitamin A” should be getting noticed too.